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God Crush: Puzzle


It tells the story of how to become the main god in olympus. In this story, youll meet lots of famous olympus gods. Friends? Enemy? It all depends on you!.Its not just simple candy crush, its God Crush! In this game, you can move any chess as you wish, your goal is no longer get the high score but to defeat the gods by move your chess!
Also, you can collect different gods of olympus, such as Zeus, Athena..etc. How to edit your team and use the strategy to defeat the target become the most interesting part in this game. If you like Heart Stone, then you cant miss God Crush: Puzzle!
Weve prepared lots of gifts for the player, once you downloaded this game, youll get a lot of packs and by using these packs you can collect your favorite gods. Besides you can also join/create a guild, play this game with your friends.
Enjoy moving the chess and gods collecting!